Cliptop Glass Canister 450ml/15oz

SKU: HSW56503

Cliptop Glass Canister 450ml/15oz

  • French: 450ML PINCE BOÎTE CAOUTCHOUC BLANC 7-73463-13216-7


  • This 450mL Glass Clamp Storage Canister with a white rubber air tight seal is perfect for storing food. Look no further, this clear glass canister allows you to easily spot the food your searching for and how much of it is left.

  • Dimensions:
  • Ø11x10.5cm/4.3x4.1"

  • Color:
  • Clear

  • Size/Capacity:
  • 450ml/15oz

  • MOQ:
  • 6

  • Packaging Type:
  • Bulk/Sticker

  • Material:
  • Glass Jar with Stainless Steel Clamp and Rubber Ring

  • Country of Origin:
  • CN

  • GTIN:
  • 773463132167

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