ELLIPSE Duo-Lunch Box


ELLIPSE Duo-Lunch Box

  • French: ELLIPSE boîte à déjeuner duo 22.5x17.5cm/9x7" Nordique Rouge

  • Brand: MEPAL

  • This stylish and sturdy lunchbox fits perfectly in a healthy lifestyle. It is big enough for carrying sandwiches and delicious salads, but also for heating up pasta or rice meals. The wonderful thing is, the Ellipse Duo can go in the microwave! In the large compartment you can carry bread, tomatoes, or muesli bars and even cutlery! Mini box included for dressing and after use can easily be cleaned in the dishwasher. A smart, decorative strap provides the finishing touch!

  • Dimensions:
  • 22.5x17.5x7.5cm/9x7x3”

  • Color:
  • Nordic-Red

  • Size/Capacity:
  • 1425ml/48.2oz

  • MOQ:
  • 2

  • Packaging Type:
  • Label

  • Material:
  • pp | tpe

  • Country of Origin:
  • NL

  • GTIN:
  • 8711269978154

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